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Africadelic is a platform and festival operating from Paradiso Amsterdam that is committed to the programming and promotion of African and African diasporic cultural creativity, diversity and activism in the Netherlands through music, film and other performing arts. 


Africadelic is an annual festival on and around International Africa Day (May 25) celebrating African cultural creativity, diversity and activism. Africadelic is an ode to the African continent and its worldwide diaspora, and features a showcase of the cultural wealth and profound influence that Afrodescendants have on global culture and society.

The festival’s programme mainly focuses on artistic expression and social critique through music, film and oher performing arts. In addition, Africadelic always casts a critical eye on the state of the continent in the form of talks. At our festival artists, activists and other changemakers come and talk about the various historic and current issues at play on the continent and in the diaspora.

In particular, with our festival we want to discuss the Afrodescendant experience of (de)colonization, racial (in)equality and (anti-)racism – and place this experience in the historical context, happening present and hopeful future. One of the main missions of the Africadelic Festival is to raise awareness about the colonial past and to challenge inequality, exclusion and racism in contemporary Dutch and global society.

Through a week full of music, film, other performaing arts, talks and discussions, we aim to contribute to healing, empowerment and joy for Afrodescendants in the Netherlands and beyond.


Otiniel da Silva aka Mano is the founding director of Africadelic. He is a socio-cultural activist, cultural producer and programmer who divides his time with his creative agency Mano a Mano produces between Amsterdam and Luanda, the capital of his native Angola. Mano is also special programmer of Paradiso and their Ticket to the Tropics program in particular.

Mano has been annually organizing the Africadelic Festival in Amsterdam since 2016, and in 2020 Africadelic was officially founded as a non-profit organization together with a team of like-minded volunteers. Besides Mano, the team of Africadelic consists of Emiel Martens (business manager and film programmer), Amandla Awethu! (project manager), and a six-strong statutory board: Kayode Gomes (chair), Marlouze Vooijs (secretary), Mayomona Dombele Jone Lunda (treasurer), Ama van Danzig, Eunice Jones and Adriaan Kauffman.